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When you move out of your apartment or dorm, you probably have lots of stuff that you don’t need anymore. There’s nothing wrong with that whiteboard or this extra table, but trying to sell or give away your stuff is a huge hassle amidst exams and moving out. Unfortunately, this hassle usually means that perfectly good household items often end up in the trash.

MIMO gives you the opportunity to do good for the community while avoiding the trouble of moving your unwanted items. All you have to do is sign up online for the time that works best for you! We swing by, collect your donated goods, and clean and store them over the summer.

We then sell these items in the Fall at discounted prices to students who need furniture, kitchenware, or other living supplies. Moving into an apartment or dorm is incredibly expensive, and it’s hard to go shopping without a car. MIMO solves this problem by offering low prices, convenient pickup hours, and product deliveries. Buyers can purchase through our detailed website or stop by our centrally located warehouse and peruse our items.

Our proceeds are never pocketed for our own benefit. We donate all proceeds to charities such as Connections for the Homeless, the Salvation Army, and the Evanston Ecology Center. Last year, MIMO saved students a cumulative $25,000 and diverted six TONS of items from landfills. If you want to benefit your community, save time during your move out, or save money during move in, be sure to check out MIMO this summer!


  • When can I schedule a pickup with MIMO?

     Select your school at the top-right corner of the page to see your school's schedule! We generally start collecting before exam week and finish collections after graduation.

  • Where do the profits go?

     MIMO is a self-sufficient nonprofit that will soon be 501(c)(3) certified; our revenue from sales covers our operating costs. Any additional profits are donated to a local charity and are chosen by each team in the Spring.

  • What kinds of items does MIMO collect?

     We collect new and used items for dorms, apartments, and houses--everything including kitchenware, kitchen appliances, furniture, electronics, home decor, office supplies, and more! In general, the items should be in reusable condition, without defects, missing parts, or stains. The MIMO team reserves the right to refuse any items at time of pickup.

  • I have this really nice couch. Will you buy it from me?

     Sorry, but we only accept donations.

  • Where can I buy furniture or household items?

     Both MIMO NU and MIMO MSU have launched their online stores! If you live in the Evanston area, please visit the MIMO NU store. If you live in the East Lansing area, please visit the MIMO MSU store.

  • This is such a cool project! How can I get involved?

     Fill out an interest form below!

Interested in starting MIMO at your school? Email us at, or fill out an interest form below!

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